Diagnosis Labyrinthitis

I can't focus...
I can't see straight...
Please... wait.
Give me a minute to concentrate...
I'm trying hard to focus but
I can't.
Am I still asleep?
Still dreaming of being on a ship
Out on the sea
Where the waves are taking me?
What the hell is going on?
My head is spinning...
Or is it the room that I'm in?
I'm going up...
I'm going down...
Is that me or
is the world just moving round and round?
I'm trying to walk
and avoid the walls...
But these walls seem to be...
...attacking me?!
I didn't drink last night did I?
Then why do I feel so... drunk?
Why do I feel like I'm about to throw up?
Why do I feel like a pinball stuck
in the pinball machine that is my home?
I sit back down and try to close my eyes
Maybe if I sit down for a while...
But I'm still on this constant motherf#cking rollercoaster ride
And I REALLY don't like the way this feels inside

A month later and nothing has changed.
Extreme Dizziness
Constant Headaches
Nausea and Sick to my stomach
Wobbly when walking,
So forget about driving or exercising
Mad, Sad and alone

Yeah... that about sums it up.
That's me.