I Am Not Perfect

I can't unscrew a lid when it's screwed on too tight
And I suck at basketball cuz I can't jump that high
I can't hang up my mirror, I don't know how to drill
And sometimes I'm late paying bills

I can't watch reality TV without having to cry
And I never cooked soulfood, but I'm willing to try
I don't have the energy to run very far
And how in the world do I change the oil in my car?

I lack the discipline to go to the gym
And I can't stick to a diet so I'll never be thin
I hardly ever get to my work on time
And sometimes I don't know how to rhyme (well... luckily today is not one of those days...)

I can't reach for things on the top shelf in the store
And once I start on potato chips I can't stop anymore
Sometimes I'm so hyper that I just can't unwind
And I can't always make up my mind

I may come across confident but I always have doubts
And those big azz spiders on my balcony FREAK ME OUT

The only thing I'm good at, is at being me
But I am not perfect and I don't try to be

There are a million things that I just cannot do...
But I'm sure -if you'd let me-
that I could really love you.


Jayuqan K. said...

Nicely done with that was great and funny too :) Plus if people were perfect this world would be boring

Anonymous said...

...desperately seeking for true love....:(
i feel you V.

Jo0Lz said...

Great! I can even relate to a lot of points in your poem.