Your Scent

Out of nowhere
I smell it
I smell you
All around me
And I can't escape it

Taking me back 10 years in time
Back to your lies
Back to my pain
Back to the tears
And I can't escape it

The scent I used to crave
The scent I used to love
Now makes me sick
I don't even wanna smell it
But I can't escape it

Out of all the colognes in the world
Why did this man that I don't even know
Have to pick yours to wear today
And this seat right next to me to sit on
So I can't escape it

I want to slap this stranger
For making me remember
For making me feel bad
And for smelling this goooood
But it's no use
Cuz I won't escape it

You suck!
And you stink!
I hate you!!! I don't...

If I did, I wouldn't smell it
I wouldn't remember
And I wouldn't be writing this

I'm glad I'm over you
God, I'm SO over you
But no matter how hard I try
I'll never escape you


Jayquan K. said...

You've done it again! Good one to start out with this month =)

TduziT said...

Smooth flow. Very nice.

rana said...

no body is perfect it is greet to see u