Maybe Tomorrow

When I lay in my bed at night
Trying to get some sleep
I find myself thinking about you
Wondering how you're doing
And what's going on in your life
(and why I'm not in it anymore)

I get a little melancholic
Cuz I miss you
I still miss you

I grab my cell phone from the nightstand
And navigate to the textmessage folder with your name on it

I saved all the messages you ever sent me
I don't know why
I do know why
Cuz reading them makes me feel real good

And every time I scroll through these messages
I read them one by one
And I remember the exact same feeling
That each and every one of those messages gave me
The moment I opened them for the very first time

I smile
For a minute
Untill I realize those days are gone
You are gone
And there are no new messages in this folder

And every day I tell the world I'm over you
Cuz I convinced myself I'm over you
But am I?

Those message are still there
And they are so much more than just a bunch of letters on a display,
A way you made me feel,
Or a smile that faded

And the memories of you are still there too
And you are so much more than a ghost of the past,
A page in my history book,
Or a ship that sailed

You are still there
Even when I close the folder and switch off my phone
You are still there
Even when I close my eyes and try once again to get some sleep

Maybe I'll be over you tomorrow

This is another awesome Vicstar Original. All rights reserved.
Please note; this is an oldie but goodie. I'm SO over him now. :-)