Dreadlock Dreaming

I wonder what they'll smell like
When we're engaged in our first embrace
I wonder how you will wear them
Complimenting your beautiful face

I wonder how they'll glide through my fingers
When I play with them in my hands
I wonder if I braided my hair
If yours and mine would be friends

I wonder if people wanna touch them
Like I wanna do every day
And I wonder if, when you're eating
They ever get in the way

I wonder if you've had bad hair days
Those days when they just look all wrong
And I wonder if they sometimes annoy you
When you're out in the sun for too long

I wonder why you ever got them
As a statement or just for fun
And I wonder how they bounce off your shoulders
Whenever you jump, kick, tackle, or run

I wonder how they'd look in a ponytail
Or if you wear them up in a bun
I wonder if they ever get frizzy
And how often you get them redone

I wonder if you'd let me change them
Maybe braid them or create a new style
I wonder when was the last time you cut them
And if you'll let them grow for a while

I wonder if I will get tangled up in them
When we're playing a little rough
But most of all I wonder how they will sway to the rhythm
Of you and me making sweet love

This is another awesome Vicstar Original. All rights reserved.
If you haven't read it yet, check out My Tom Hanks Moment (part 1 and 2) for the story behind this poem.


Jayquan K said...

You did it again my friend! Loved it

K1NG J@M3$™ said...

But I don't have dredz..write a poem bout baldiez like me so I can a least fantasize ur talk'n bout me

Joy said...

I hope you're over him for good!!! He was such a user!