If You Were My Man

Would you move heaven and earth to try to be mine
Would you make me giggle and laugh all of the time
Would you lift me up and twirl me around
Would you kiss my forehead when you put me back down

Would you take me to dinner, a movie, a club
Would you spoil me with kisses and a backrub
Would you open up doors and pull up my chair
Would you compliment me on how I'm wearing my hair

Would you fix me a meal and then feed it to me
Would you be all of the things that you tell me you'll be
Would you sing me a song when we're in the shower
Wash my hair and stay there for at least an hour

Would you bubble my bath and pour me champagne
Would you hold the umbrella when we walk through the rain
Would you hear my voice trembling when I feel sad
Would you surprise me on Sundays with breakfast in bed

Would you not try to blame me when you slip a fart
Would you be really careful when I give you my heart
Would you write me letters, emails, cards 'just because'
Would you not sweat it so much when I'm making a fuss

Would you always be honest and never lie
Even when it's not easy, would you at least try
Would you call me sometimes just to hear my voice
Make me feel special; your number one choice

Would you still smell my perfume when I'm miles away
Would you be longing to kiss me every second of the day
Would you watch b-ball with me and root for my team
Would you shut up for an hour so I can watch Crime Scene

When I'm sick would you make soup and nurse me back to health
Would you have dinner with mom and not embarrass yourself
When you hang with your boys and you come home to me
Would you tell me there's no place that you'd rather be

When it's that time of the month, will you cut me some slack
Let me yell at you for a little while till I take it all back
If I had a bad day would you hold me real tight
Kiss to make it all better and tell me things be all right

Would you buy me flowers sometimes and remember our song
Would you tell me you're sorry and admit when you're wrong
Would you not walk away in the middle of a fight
Would we have make up sex afterwards all through the night

Would you make love to me daily, and at least twice
Would your passion and intensity water my eyes
Would you tell me you love me every day of the week
Would you be my homie, my best friend, my lover, my freak

Would you never keep me guessing, or wondering why
Would you assure me you love me till the day that I die
Would you give me some children after you make me your wife
Would you share your visions, your dreams, your hopes, your whole life

And if I'm asking too much here, would you let me know
So I can adjust what I wish for, without letting you go

All I want is for you to love me best as you can
Cuz I would do exactly the same... if you were my man

This is another awesome Vicstar Original. All rights reserved.


Prime said...

Awsome... very nice